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Since the arrival of the Afghan refugees in Western Australia in early 1980's the need for a uniting forum had been felt to assist Afghans settling in Western Australia through their settlement process and to help them maintain their cultural and linguistic heritage.

Therefore, in 1992 the first official meeting of the Afghan community was held in North Perth Town Hall. 265 people (95% of adult population at the time) attended the meeting and it was decided to establish an association. A nine member interim committee was appointed to draft a constitution and take appropriate steps to establish an association.

The interim committee consisted of:

 Sayed Mohammad Anwar Waciq

 Said Shamsullah  Padshah  Vice President and Secretary
 Mir Abdul Qadar Farooq  Member
 Abdul Azim Mostamandi  Member
 Sayed Habibullah Aziz  Member
 Tajwar Kakar  Member
 Dr Mohammad Mutahar Ghafoory Member
Obaidullah Surpass Member
Mohammad Tahir Haidarzadeh Member

The Interim Committee developed a draft of the constitution which was circulated to all Afghan community members for their comments. A final copy of the constitution was then adapted and approved by the committee.

The name selected for the Association was "Afghan Community Association in Western Australia". However, it was changed to The Afghan Islamic Association in Western Australia Inc, during a meeting of community representatives elected to modify and update the constitution for registeration.

The Afghan Islamic Association in Western Australia Inc, was officially registerd in 1997 and its first Management Committee was elected during its Inagural General Meeting, again held in North Perth Town hall.

The Association has been active since September 1997.